What is your cognitive profile

What : neuro-psychological evaluation to better understand how you think. Understand your own cognitive profile.

Why : because we all think in a slightly different way. Knowing yourself and your human limits and patterns can help you optimize yourself.


Rational :

We all function differently.  We don’t all think the same way. We also have cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

In a world that is increasingly sophisticated and intellectually based, the way we think  influences our work, studies, ability to manage our finances, etc.

My (biased) opinion : why not try to better understand  how we think so we can optimize the way we use our (limited) resources.

Yes. We are all cognitively limited:

  • No memory system is perfect. Forgetting is part of memory.
  • No attention system is perfect. Ignoring stimulus is part of attention.
  • Some of us wont accept that we are limited cognitively.

Neuropsychology is mostly used for diagnosis. Cognitive profiling is also very useful after a stroke. This is really great already. But what if we don’t need a diagnosis!?  Some of us think that neuropsychology can ALSO  help you better understand yourself. Through the neuro and psychological evaluation, we can better discover how you think, how you use your cognitive resources, your memory, your attention, etc.  How you organize yourself at work, in your studies, etc.  Is your organization in line with your own profile? Neuropsychologists are the experts in human cognition. Consulting with a neuropsychologist can help you better understand how you think. No need to focus on having a diagnosis to validate who you are. We dont all need an ADD / ADHD diagnosis. Maybe attention is imperfect ?

Personally, I also enjoy doing neuropsychological evaluation to better understand someone’s own cognitive functioning. I really think its fascinating. Each person is like a small research project!

  • Students may want to know how do we learn? How does memory works? How can I study better?  Do I start to study early? Will I remember better if I study the day before?
  • Workers may wonder how does attention works? How much can I really on my memory during meetings? What kind of  Teammate am I?
  • Some adults may wonder how can I organize myself? What is an organisation system? Is there some Organizing system I can use?  Is it normal to Procrastinate ?


Take notes of your thoughts on this and bring them to our first meeting.


Not sure you want a full evaluation?  Just tell us right away you are not sure and before book a 2 hours sessions where we can chat !